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PRODA is the industry-neutral process data evaluation for analytics, reporting and quality analysis.

PRODA offers the decisive advantage when it comes to speed and volume of data:

  • Fast processing of large amounts of data
  • Quick evaluation and statistics over long periods
  • Comparison of raw data with statistical values
  • Optimized user interface for process experts
  • Overlapping of process curves for reference comparison (automatically or at sync points)
  • Measurements in evaluations

PRODA provides interactive user guidance through wizards with dynamic filter configuration (such as process, process value, or facility). The graphical display of process values supports continuous zooming, spontaneous calculation of statistics, combined evaluation of alarms and process values in order to recognize their correlations and logistical information (batch, process steps, etc.).

For documentation purposes and the co-operation in project teams comments are possible in the graphical representations.

Furthermore, ProDA offers extensive export functions.


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