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Significant reduction of the time-to-market plus increased product quality

Run2Run offers you a continuous improvement of your processes and optimizes all the necessary process parameters for the processing. The solution is industry neutral and is used successfully even in the most complex high-tech industries. Run2Run also supports a virtual image (digital twins) of the current system state and incorporates this information into the calculation for process optimization.

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Equipment integration for semiconductor and electronics industry

Based on our long-lasting experience in the characterization, specification and integration of equipment in the semiconductor and electronics industry, we developed the EQC solution.
Complex systems can be quickly integrated using a simple database configuration with minimal effort. This gives you immediate access to the functions:
– Storage of process data and their automated sampling (MDE)
– Recognition of processes, procedures and subprocesses
– tracking and tracing (lot, batch, carrier, etc.)
– Storage of plant conditions including process chambers
– Connection to PDA systems (automated production data acquisition)
– Alarms and connection to fault signaling systems
– Self-population of data

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PRODA is the industry-neutral process data evaluation for analytics, reporting and quality analysis.

PRODA offers the decisive advantage when it comes to speed and volume of data. PRODA provides interactive user guidance through wizards with dynamic filter configuration (such as process, process value, or facility). The graphical display of process values supports continuous zooming, spontaneous calculation of statistics, combined evaluation of alarms and process values in order to recognize their correlations and logistical information (batch, process steps, etc.).

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Integration of the SECS protocol for production systems

EQS is the solution for simple integration of the semi-conductor SECS protocol for production systems. It offers the support of all relevant standard functions (Dynamic Event Reporting, Tracing, Remote Commands etc.) which can be easily integrated into the system software. All data relevant to the system, such as alarms, events, process parameters and measured values, are documented in Excel and imported into your software project with an automated code generator.

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Administration of recipes for plants

The Recipe Management System (RMS) provides you with the administration of recipes for plants including users and version management. RMS supports this as a central data store for recipes.
An important aspect of the development of the RMS is the encryption of all recipe parameters in the database in order to protect the process know-how of your company.
Through our long-lasting experience in the integration of production facilities, we can support various protocols and connection technologies for RMS (e.g., OPC, SECS, etc.)

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Get more information about the status of equitment faster and more reliable

Nanny Messaging is an alarm and status messaging system that takes advantage of the possibilities of the mobile Internet and offers functionalities like push notification. In the case of no Internet connection, it offers the possibility to use fall-back mechanisms like conventional SMS notification.

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Remote management of industrial applications and systems

Remote management of industrial applications and systems
The Nanny Service monitors your applications running in the production facility. The programs connected to Nanny Service are permanently monitored. In the event of a failure, crash or unintended termination of a program, the program is restarted automatically. In addition, the Nanny service offers a version management, which in production pauses is able to perform an automated update or patching of the applications of your production. This can be done both on the basis of the current capacity utilization of the production facilities, as well as on a time / action plan.
This ensures that all applications relevant to the production facility are stable and up-to-date at all times.

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Visualization of data from different data sources

CIM viewer is the ideal solution for the visual representation of data from different database sources. With the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG-Designer the GUI of the views can be easily created.
It offers a convenient configuration of the individual components of a view and the data displayed in it via SmartTags, wizards and configuration dialogs.
In addition, a custom designer for reporting templates (CimDesigner) is available, which can be used and configured by the user.
Extensive charting and export functions are available, such as e.g. In all common programs like PDF, PowerPoint and others.

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